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 Computer Support & Management
 Integrity OnSite provides both onsite and remote computer support to clients. The level of support needed by our clients depends on their business requirements. We provide our clients with computer repair and maintenance. Our desktop management effort includes the installation, maintenance and repair of computers and servers in your location. By maintaining your systems at its peak level, it will maximize the entire network to its full potential.


End-User Technical Support
 End-User Solutions
 RepairSolve end user induced problems
 RepairProvide troubleshooting
 RepairProvide escalation of technicians
 RepairProvide answers to technical questions
 End-User Training
 RepairDesign and teach end user workshops
 RepairProvide detailed training sessions
 RepairProvide one-on- training
 RepairCreate end-user manuals and handbooks
Desktop Management
 Desktop Installation
 RepairCreate standard configurations for desktop software
 RepairInstall a new desktop or laptop
 RepairInstall external components; keyboard, mouse, scanner
 RepairInstall hardware drivers
 RepairInstall standard software configurations
 RepairInstall anti-virus, spy ware, spam filters
 RepairResolve any software and hardware conflicts
 Desktop Repair & Replacement
 RepairPerform cost analysis of computer repair vs. replacement
 RepairOrder replacement parts
 RepairRepair or replace defective hardware
 RepairDispose of obsolete or broken equipment
 Desktop Maintenance
 RepairDeploy applications
 RepairApply service packs and security patches
 RepairReinstall operating system
 RepairPerform disk defragmentation
 RepairPerform routine anti-virus & spy ware removal
 RepairRemove unnecessary software programs
 RepairMake image of desktop for emergency reinstall