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 Network Management
 The backbone to the technology infrastructure of any organization is the IT network. It is an intricate chain of systems and cables that powers the entire network of computers and servers. Setting up a network does not guarantee a maintenance free system environment. However, if setup correctly, with continual support, Integrity OnSite assures that a network will improve business operations.


Network Installation
 Network Design
 RepairAnalyze existing infrastructure
 RepairEvaluate the technology budget
 RepairResearch current and future technologies
 RepairPerform cost benefit analysis and return on investment
 RepairPlan for network capacity based on users and systems
 RepairPlan for Expansion of network
 RepairDevelop network topology and architecture
 Hardware Installation
 RepairInstall network hardware; servers, routers, switches
 RepairInstall data protection systems (UPS, RAID, Backup)
 RepairSet up storage racks to hold networking hardware
 RepairInstall cabling, perform line test
 Software Installation
 RepairInstall software; operating systems, database, email
 RepairImplement remote networking; VPN, Remote Access
 RepairInstall network security; firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam
 RepairInstall network services; domain, DNS, print server
 RepairSetup Users, file structure, security
 Inspection & Documentation
 RepairPerform quality assurance inspection
 RepairTest backup and emergency recovery programs
 RepairDevelop network layouts and wiring diagrams
Network Administration
 Security Management
 RepairUpdate firewall software
 RepairUpdate anti-virus software
 RepairTest network security; firewall, server
 Data Management
 RepairPerform (daily, weekly, monthy) backup
 RepairOffsite storage of data backup for recovery capability
 RepairPerform disk integrity on Hard Drive & database's
 User Administration
 RepairDevelop & implement workstation policies
 RepairAdminister authorized access
 RepairSetup security restrictions and network access
 RepairMaintain user file structure
 Network Maintenance
 RepairSchedule network maintenance
 RepairInstall network software upgrades
 RepairInstall operating system upgrades
 RepairPerform network diagnostics
 Network Monitoring
 RepairMonitor firewall for intrusion attacks
 RepairMonitor logs; system, anti-virus, firewall, error, etc...
 RepairMonitor user activity
 RepairMonitor servers for optimal efficiency
 RepairPerform random checks to monitor user compliance
 RepairMonitor network for usage & performance
 RepairTest backup drives and software